Friendship Lesson 1: Life Is Not About Where You Are, But Who You’re With

For (one of) my best friend’s wedding, we went to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party. I know, I know what you’re thinking. Drunken debauchery. Coming home at 8 a.m. Wearing next to no clothes (because it’s 100 degrees, not because clothes aren’t permitted in Vegas).

This is what we were expecting…
(Image courtesy of celebuzz.com, and of course the Kardashians, without whom Sunday nights would be empty and boring).

Except this is not your typical bachelorette.

It was worse than Bridesmaids when the bridal party was kicked off the plane because of the “colonial woman on the wing.”

It was worse than Hangover when the bachelor party was drugged and the bachelor ended up sunburned and stranded on the roof.

So what is worse than that?

Well, somehow, our bride lost her ID en route to Vegas. She ordered drinks on the flight to get the party started, and forgot her ID somewhere (we still haven’t found it to this day).

I had an extra ID…we are both dark skinned with dark hair and brown eyes. Of course she could pass as me at a Vegas club.

We tried. Two nights in a row. At Lavo and Tao. The first night they asked her to sign my name (true story). My signature is a squiggle, like a doctor’s signature…easy to forge, if you know what you are forging. She didn’t pass. But she had my address and date of birth memorized. The second night, the bouncer looked at the ID…saw that she had a birthmark that wasn’t captured on my ID picture (I swear I’m not making this up). No entry.

The bachelorette party was faced with two options: 1) ditch our bride, party our faces off, make it up to our bride and buy her something pretty from Tiffany’s OR 2) stay with our bride and drink in the hotel room. We unanimously opted for option 2.

Life is not about where you are, but who you are with. Only your friends can teach you this.

P.S. Vegas bouncers – girls just want to have fun. Let us in, even if we accidentally lose our ID.

P.P.S. Ladies going to Vegas – don’t lose your ID. And if you do, have a fake made pronto, or your ass is drinking in the hotel room.

P.P.P.S. Sorry I couldn’t share many personal pictures. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Do you have any crazy, unbelievable stories about you and your friends? Please share below.


2 thoughts on “Friendship Lesson 1: Life Is Not About Where You Are, But Who You’re With

  1. Aw man. That is rough. Vegas is a tough nut to crack without ID. I experienced it during Spring Break in college, but that is because I wasn’t 21 yet. Totally my fault. lol

    I have a number of not so fun adventures that were pretty awesome because of the company of my friends, from missing flights home from Atlanta to braving a snowstorm from the city to Newark to losing a friend with no cell phone. Although they are not the fun we expected, they are all stories we laugh about to this day and memories that we hold very dear to our hearts. It truly takes a special friend to endure certain situations, and those situations definitely make the bond stronger.

    I’m glad you ladies made the best of it.

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