Friendship Lesson 2: Friends are Superheros

Central Park Sunrise – If you’re thinking this is like a tequila sunrise, stop what you are doing now and get yourself a drink.

Watching the sunrise in Central Park was on my Summer 2012 Bucket List. My friend from Atlanta came in town, and we stayed out from dinner Saturday night to sunrise Sunday morning. After dinner at Agave, we went to a hookah bar, had drinks at Employee’s Only, got a late night (early morning) snack in K-Town. At 5:30 a.m., we were ready to watch the sun peak over the beautiful trees in Central Park. It was going to be sublime. Out of this world.
20131029-152530.jpg Picture it. We’re in Sheeps Meadow. The grass is green. The only people around are bikers and runners. You can hear the birds chirp. It’s actually quiet in New York City.

The zinger? We got to Central Park, not knowing the direction where the sun rises. We debated for a few minutes. By the time we figured it out, the sun was coming up. Hiding. Behind the tress. We picked the worst spot to watch a sunrise.

But we decided to capture the moment anyway. We were drinking Joose (the canned, $1.99 version of a mimosa). Taking pictures. Being goofy. Everything is funny at 6 a.m. when you’re delirious from lack of sleep.

My dear friend’s feet were dying from walking around in heels all night, so she took her shoes off. In dirty. Gross. Rat infested. Central Park. Yes. You read that right. She was barefoot.
20131029-153152.jpg You might be thinking, “Why isn’t she like every New York woman who carries a spare pair of flats everywhere she goes? What is she carrying in that plastic bag?”
Why? Because she gave me her spare flip flops at midnight. Because my 5 inch heels were killing me. Because no matter how many times I offered to put my heels back on, and give her back her flip flops, she refused. Because she would rather walk barefoot than inconvenience me. Because she is a true friend. Because she is my superhero.

This one’s for you, B.



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