Friendship Lesson 3: Your Friends are Your Family

A long, long time ago, I was in law school. That’s right kids, I went to law school in Buffalo, New York, where the sun doesn’t shine for nine months, and all you do it drink (and sometimes study law).

Just a normal day in Buffalo. Who doesn’t love taking their car out of 10 feet of snow?

When I decided I was going to move to Buffalo, all I cared about was being in NEW YORK. I was young. I was living life on the edge. I was moving to New fu**ing York. I mean Jay Z and Alicia Keys had a #1 song about it!

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made…”

But…I didn’t realize that Buffalo was a six hour drive (going 90 miles an hour, taking 0 breaks, and oh, not hitting any traffic) from New York City. I guess I should have consulted Map Quest (or any map) before I committed myself. Checking the weather would probably have helped. Hindsight is 20/20.

I knew no one in Buffalo, and my closest family was 1,000 miles away in Georgia. Imagine Elle Woods at Harvard, only without her sidekick Chihuahua, the annoying pink clothes and too-blond hair.

Law school was like deja vu–I was sixteen and in high school again. There were clicks. I felt out of place. I felt alone. I was homesick. I was cold and miserable. I was cranky and always studying. And when I wasn’t studying, I was thinking about studying.

Then, I met her. She was my snuggie from the universe.

We shared our criminal law notes, our dreams and our fears. We cooked for each other. We rapped together (don’t believe me? See below). We watched really bad reality tv together. We laughed at our own jokes. No one else understood us.
She supported me like my parents do. She laughed with me like I did with my siblings. She completed me, the only way your family completes you. She will always be my family, the family I got to choose.

Yes, that’s me. Eating her head. It was New Year’s Eve. Nuf said.

Are your friends your family? Share your story. Remember, friends make life more fun. Lumelle.


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