Friends Make Life More Fun: Karenne and Jenn

Riddle me this: What’s more brilliant than two PhD’s and an MD?
Meet Karenne and Jenn. Both PhD’s. Karenne has an MD and a PhD. They have been friends for almost 9 years, and 6 of those years were spent apart while Karenne was in med school in Atlanta, and Jenn was working in Maryland. These women have the coolest array of recreational activities that includes traveling, learning new languages, crafting jewelry, knitting, and cooking up delicious cocktails. But, like an onion, these activities only compromise the outer layers of their friendship. At the heart of their friendship is two women who have a deep understanding of each other; a judgment free space that allows the women to be themselves and be comfortable. Karenne and Jenn value friendship; theirs is a friendship that is more brilliant than their degrees and educational pedigree.

How did you meet?
Karenne and Jenn were both PhD students at The University of Maryland. Jenn was rotating in Karenne’s nonhuman primate lab (regular speak for, they were in the same class).
Karenne: “I thought Jenn was super mousey and shy…I spent my days asking Jenn to speak louder.”

Jenn: “Karenne had a very fun presence, she would play reggae and salsa music at the lab.”

Jenn wanted to meet new people and Karenne’s energy made it easy for her to take their friendship outside of the school environment. The girls began their friendship over their love for ethnic food. They have a soft spot for Indian food.
The take away? Curry = true friendship.
How do you find time for each other, between crazy work schedules, presentations, traveling, and boyfriends?
Karenne: “I have always felt like I was a priority. And I make her a priority.”
Jenn: “I get it. You’re a doctor. You’re busy.”

Why are you grateful for your friends?
Jenn: “I can be who I am. We will mutually benefit and grow together.”
Karenne: “Friendship is a space for vulnerability…I can’t be vulnerable at work.”

How did you both get into knitting and jewelry making?
Jenn: “Karenne is a surgeon, and it’s important for her to keep her hands nimble…so I taught her to make jewelry.” Here’s a peek at some of Karenne’s beautiful jewelry:
Karenne and Jenn also enjoy knitting. Karenne’s apartment is scattered with bundles of yarn (surprisingly, no cat to be found anywhere).

Karenne’s work never ends. Here, she’s doing an experiment on flies, and is counting how many are still alive.

Karenne and Jenn’s Friendship Drink?
Easy. St. Germain Gin and Tonic. They discovered it together on one of their many trips to the liquor store, perusing the aisles for the perfect concoction. When I met the girls, they were drinking Korean raspberry flavored rice wine (yum) and then switched to Moscow Mules. If the whole doctor thing doesn’t work out, Karenne would be an amazing bar tender.

Looking for a friendship as brilliant as Karenne and Jenn’s? Join Lumelle today.


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