First Lumelle Hosted Event – Bouldering at Manhattan Plaza Health Club

Hi Lumelles!

I’m so excited to share pictures with you from the first Lumelle Hosted event. We met at Manhattan Plaza Health Club (this monstrous gym right off Times Square) to boulder, which is like rock climbing, without harnesses. Yeah, we’re pretty bad ass.


We piled into a conference room to introduce ourselves, grab water and socialize before we climbed. Then we headed into the bouldering room itself. Isn’t she a beaut?


The MPHC team was AWESOME, and helped Lumelle members with tips and tricks to bouldering.

The room was filled with laughter, chatter and Lumelle members cheering each other on as they climbed their way to the top.





Most Lumelle attendees hadn’t climbed or bouldered before, but they still gave it their all, and kept trying. So proud!

Bouldering can be a physically intense activity, so during our downtime, we kicked off our shoes and discovered our shared passion of colorful, happy socks. You may think that these socks belong to a teenage girl. Alas, you are wrong. They belong to grown women, who understand how good colorful socks make us feel!



Much like bouldering, in friendship you have to take a risk, and take the next step. Here are some Lumelle members taking the next step and exchanging phone numbers. This was my favorite part of the day!


And after our hard work, we rewarded ourselves with Margaritas (in celebration of National Margarita Day, of course).


Think you missed out? Are you jealous? Well, you should be! Join Lumelle today for free and start making new friends! Remember, Lumelle works through matching and events. You can either attend a Lumelle hosted event, or post your own event for 1 or 2 or 10 Lumelle members.

Until next time, cheers from the Lumelle girls.


Friends make life more fun,


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