Lumelle in Newsweek

I’m sitting here in my coworking space in New York City (AlleyNYC) and reading the Newsweek article written by the amazingly talented Jilly Gagnon. (Yes, that’s an iPad, and yes, my screen cover desperately needs to be replaced…no, that’s not my a** print in the couch.)
I am ecstatic (and grateful) to see Lumelle in NEWSWEEK! I feel like the article highlighted some really important issues, some of which precipitated my creating Lumelle.
Dr. Carole Lieberman (a Beverly Hills psychiatrist) astutely notes that “Real friendship comes from shared experiences and values, and in true friendships, friends are equal…RentAFriend is an incredibly sad commentary on the state of human relationships.”
1) This is coming from a shrink
2) A shrink from Beverly Hills no less. I’m sure she’s seen her fair share of crazy (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, anyone?)
3) She points out exactly what Lumelle is about – creating real friendships from shared experiences and values. The Lumelle questionnaire, the profile, and the events all allow for the development of REAL friendships.


The article continues with a few words from me, that I wanted to re-emphasize here. “Friendship dating is so much harder than getting a boyfriend.” I truly believe that sometimes you don’t need another date, you need a good friend. But finding that friend is such a challenge! I wanted to make that process easier, and connect women who wouldn’t have met, if not for Lumelle. We introduce you to new social circles, and help you curate your own bada** entourage (shout out to Turtle).

The most important part of this article that Jilly hit home on is that Lumelle is free, “the fact that it’s free means that the relationships that develop here are totally authentic.” And they are! You should have seen all the Lumelle members connecting at our first Lumelle event, helping each other, exchanging phone numbers, making plans to go ski, (blog post here in case you missed it). If I get hit by a crazy NYC cab driver today, I will still be happy knowing I created something FOR YOU.

I am beyond grateful that Newsweek and Jilly captured the essence of Lumelle.

We are a community of kicka** women making new friends, all day, everyday.

Not a Lumelle member yet? Join now!

Friends make life more fun!


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