Lumelle Second Hosted Event – Painting Party

“When I paint, I never think of selling. People simply fail to understand that we paint in order to experiment and to develop ourselves as we strive for greater heights.” Eduard Munch

A fitting quote for the second Lumelle hosted event, a painting party where we attempted to re-create Eduard Munch’s The Scream.

(My final work, and the real deal to the right. Pretty similar, ey?)

The Lumelles and I gathered in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (read: the cultural epicenter).

Saturday (March 15, 2014) happened to be a special day for me; it marked my one year anniversary from quitting my job and focusing on Lumelle. It was quite overwhelming (in a good way) to see all the Lumelles who gathered to paint, socialize, and make new friends, when Lumelle was only an idea a year ago.

Ok. Nostalgia is over. Moving on to the important stuff.

We introduced ourselves, shared a little bit of our story, wrapped our fancy Saturday clothes in aprons, and took our seats.
At first, we felt a like fish in the bowl, as passersby would peek in to watch us painting. But, by the 10th person, we were used to it. A documentary photographer popped by to take a few pictures of us. We thought it was the Humans of NY guy, but alas, we were wrong.

It was SO cool to recreate something that has a place in history. And there were really cool steps to starting our masterpiece (or our version of this masterpiece).

Step 1: Outline the image. Note, this is much more difficult than it looks. Flashbacks to kindergarten art class are natural.
Step 2: Paint inside the lines.
Step 3: Add layers to make it look Munchy.
Step 4: Pose with your portrait and your fellow bestie.
We were windswept by our paintings.
Step 5: Repeat with a new painting, and your newly made friends.

In true friendship form, I gave my painting to my friend (because The Scream happens to be her fave, and I knew it would mean the world to her). Here it is, proudly sitting on her window sill.

And here I am with my friend. Remember, friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, and there is no age limit on trust and understanding, two of the important pillars of friendship.

Want to paint something with a friend(s)? Then, stop waiting and living vicariously through the Lumelles. Join the Lumelle community for free today.

Friends make life MORE fun!



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