How a Lumelle Member feels about Lumelle, Making Friends, and Rock Climbing

Before reading, please note that this testimonial is from a real Lumelle member, who attended the first rock climbing event. This testimonial has not been edited. These are her own words.

“I couldn’t speak more highly of Lumelle, a new social networking site/group that helps women make new friends. I’m generally pretty social… Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m VERY social, and usually, getting me to STOP talking is the trick, so I have no problem meeting people, but Lumelle has changed the game here in a great way! And, I LOVE it!!

The other day, Lumelle hosted a rock (wall) climbing event. Harness-free rock climbing? Hmm… Interesting. I had never thought of meeting friends for the first time while trying to scale a wall using nothing but my hands and feet and maybe a little bit of prayer . However, I was a competitive athlete for 18 years of my childhood, so I figured I could handle it. Also, the thrill-seeker in me was immediately thinking, “Seriously? There’s a rock to climb in Manhattan?! SIGN ME UP!!”

While I had no reservations about signing up, on the day of the event, I was rather anxious – not because of the rocks, but because I really did not know what to expect. I was about to put my trust in a group of 15-20 women whom I did not know to spot me and make sure I didn’t fall off of this towering rock wall. That’s a lot of trust… and a lot of people I didn’t know.

However, that’s how everyone felt – I wasn’t alone. There was a mutual understanding that everyone was there to meet new friends. It reminded me of the first day of undergrad… no one knew anyone and no one expected anyone to know anyone else. The pressure was off, and everyone started fresh, and we had a blast!!! Within minutes, we met our fellow Lumelles, learned a little bit about each other, and started climbing. Naturally, there were some who were more ready to attack the wall than others, but the one thing we all had in common… was a great time.


I was taken aback by how open and welcoming everyone was and how quickly everyone came to each other’s rescue. At one point, I remember being on the wall, nervous that I couldn’t find a good footing while my arms were tiring, feeling as if they might give out on me. Admittedly, I touch of panic began to set in, but from down below, I heard a voice that I had only known for 20 mins telling me, “there’s a spot right next to your left foot for your other one.” I placed my right foot down, caught my breath, and heard a very encouraging, “there you go! You’re a rock climber now!” I smiled, and thought to myself, “Yes, I CAN do this!” but I don’t think I would have been able to convince myself without the encouragement of my fellow Lumelle. I felt so at ease, encouraged, comfortable, and dare I say trusting… of someone I had JUST met! Women are truly amazing. They are naturally supportive, caring people who really just want to have fun! It was so incredibly wonderful to feel true camaraderie with no pressure to look perfect or impress anyone. It was one of the best afternoons I’ve had in a while.

When I reflect back on my first Lumelle event, all I can think is, “When’s the next one? I can’t wait!” I think about the new friendships I made, how easy it was, how stress-free it was, and how different it was. Gone are the days of happy hour barhopping. The only people I meet there are either colleagues I’m obligated to talk to (and who really wants to do that outside of working hours?) or guys who are desperately trying to hit on me. No thanks. See that ring on my finger? I’m married, happily married actually. Again, I’m incredibly social, but who really needs another happy hour? I made more new friends – real friends – in three hours of rock-climbing than I have in 3 years of happy-hour-going in NYC.

And when I say “real friends,” I mean it. I had a very big day (and I mean HUGE day) at work coming up shortly after that rock-climbing event, and two girls I met there remembered this from our conversations and reached out to me (via text – we had exchanged numbers) to wish me good luck that following Friday. I was so touched! I felt as though I could hear them saying, “there you go! You’re a rock-star now!” as I walked into my meeting – which I nailed, by the way . Did your one-night stand pay attention to what you were saying and wish you luck at your big meeting later that week? Or did your happy hour hottie never call you again?

Additionally, I also found a fellow thrill-seeker at the event, and we’ve discussed going to a flying trapeze class later this Spring/Summer. I’ve always wanted to try it, but never had anyone to go with – Lumelle fixed that! I was also invited to join a painting class once I revealed my more creative, artistic side, and I can’t wait! These are the things that my husband and I just don’t share in common. Don’t get me wrong, we love a lot of the same things, and that’s why we work so well together, but we also have our own interests, too. The same goes for my closest friends, so I’m extremely grateful to Lumelle for helping me meet women who share my interests. Life is so much more exciting now! Next on my list is the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I’ve always wanted to see it, but theatre just isn’t my husband’s thing – any Lumelles want to go with me?

~ Vickie S., Lumelle since Sept 2013″


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