Dear Lumelle: I Miss My Partner in Crime. How Do I Get Her Back?

Dear Lumelle,
My friend has a demanding job that consumes most of her time. The little free time she has, she spends with her boyfriend. She keeps prioritizing her boyfriend and his friends over me. How do I get my friend back?
–Missing my partner in crime

Ah, the boyfriend/job prioritizer. We have all experienced a friend of this sort. Here is a step-by-step guide to get your friend back:
Step 1) Effectively communicate how much you miss her, but DO NOT mention her boyfriend or her job. Making her feel guilty will cause her to ignore how you feel. Acknowledge and understand that she’s busy and then lure her in with sweet nothings. Say things like, “I miss bashing the Housewives with you” or “I miss going to the gym to watch everyone else work out.”
Step 2) Make plans to do things with her that she has to do anyway. Is she going to get a mani/pedi? Great, go together. Going to yoga after work? Awesome, you’ll meet her there.
Step 3) If she still can’t find time for you after all your efforts, trust me on this: she will come back. Every couple gets over their honeymoon phase. And when she does, she’ll want to grab drinks, watch Housewives, and cuddle her way back to you.
Until then, hit me up. I’m an expert at bashing the Housewives (did you see the 3 part Beverly Hills Housewives reunion? Oh My GAWD!)
–Friends make life more fun, Lumelle

Have a burning friendship question? Submit them to hello@lumelle.com.


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