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Friendship Icons of the Week: Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope

Some people have fashion icons that they admire, but over here at Lumelle, we have friendship icons. We absolutely adore Parks and Recreation’s Ann and Leslie’s relationship. See below for reasons why their friendship is perfect:

1. They take interest in each other’s favorite things, even if they don’t get what’s so great about it.
Parks and Rec Harry Potter
2. They share every detail of their lives with each other.
Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope
3. They know exactly how to ease the blow when they have to share bad news.
waffles gif
4. They lift each other’s spirits by constantly giving each other compliments.
ann you are beautiful

leslie compliment2

ann compliment

leslie compliment 3
5. Even when one of them is out of line…
The other one brings them back down.
bring back down
6. They know how important their friendship really is.
7. They calm each other down when stress is getting the best of them.
its going to be ok
8. They support each other in good times, bad times and sloppy drunk times.
9. They always know how to have a good time.
10. They have such a connection that people often mistake them for being a couple. They take that as a compliment.
Ann and Leslie hetero
11. And no matter where in the country they live, they know they’ll always be best friends.
Ann Perkins love you
Leslie Knope love you too


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