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Why We All Need More Girlfriends

Lumelle isn’t all witty blog posts and friendship advice, but we are also a forum for women looking to connect with like-minded women. Members can use the website to get matched up with other ladies looking for friendship in the NYC area, and then you and your new buds can also join us for one of our fabulous events. Not sure if you NEED Lumelle? Please see below for the five reasons we all NEED more girlfriends:

1. To Tell Us The Truth, Even If It’s Tough To Hear: Your boyfriend may not tell you that you are acting unreasonable, but your girlfriends will. Need advice about a relationship or even a new outfit? We’ll really tell you what other people may not be willing to say (in the nicest way possible of course).
get it together gossip girl

2. To Bond With Over Silly Stuff With: I can have a conversation with my best friend for an hour about the latest episode of the Real Housewives. “What the hell was Shannon thinking? Lets dissect her decisions.” My S.O. just doesn’t get it. He just doesn’t get me.

3. To Understand Our Sense of Humor: You enjoy disgusting, non-politically-correct humor and your BFF just gets you, when other people don’t. In groups, you know when you’re setting her up for her amazing punch line, and it feels so good.

Tom just needs that friend who gets him.

Tom just needs that friend who gets him.

4. To Celebrate With: Small or big victories for you or her. From job promotions to a date with a hot guy, true friends celebrate with each other.
easy a excited

5. To Support One Another: You lost a job, your boyfriend broke up with you, your making a career change, your embarking on a huge life change – whatever the situation may be, girlfriends support each other in the most difficult times. Your girlfriends remind you that even in the hardest or scariest situations, you are not alone.


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