My Story

My mission is to help women find new friends.


Because female friendship is powerful. Put that on repeat.
Female friendship is powerful.

Think about your friends… they carried you through the good (admission to school, a new job, finding your other half) and the bad (break ups, spats with your family members, horrible bosses). Think about the time you laughed so hard you fell off a chair (and almost peed yourself). Or the time you were crying and you couldn’t breathe, but your friend reminded you to. Your friends “get” you, without having to explain yourself.

That is powerful. That is friendship.

I think about how powerful my friends have been in my life; they are my superheroes. My friends could kick the DC Comics “superheroes” ass. No one can make a save me from a bad day the way a friend can. Not a significant other. Not a family member. Not a pet. Certainly not an iron clad, or spandex wearing, gadget-obsessed “superhero.”

My personal experience with finding friends in a new city was not pleasant. I moved to New York City in 2010, after finishing the Bar exam in Buffalo, New York. I didn’t have any friends when I first moved here, but I thought it would be easy to make friends. I could hang out with my co-workers, or my roommate, and of course meet friends through their friends. But it proved more difficult than I imagined. I started to realize that it was easier to find a date than find a good friend.
When did it become this way? And why?

I wanted to break the mold, the dating websites and dating apps, the speed dating and match making events, the happy hours crawling with semi-eligible bachelors. I wanted to create something for powerful women who wanted to make new friends. That’s why I created Lumelle.

Friends make life more fun.


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